Gilded Mirror Glass Projects

Glass gilding is a process which involves laying gold or metal leaf onto the back of a clear piece of glass using a gelatine 'size'. Each leaf is individually laid, and once completed, left to dry creating a beatufiul mirror-like finish. We then use different ageing techniques to create an amazing array of finishes.

This ancient technique dates back to pre-Roman eras but saw a revival back in the 18th century by French specialist decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy and contiues to be practiced by a small number of specailist decorators across the world today.

Our glass can be used for mirrors & splashbacks and is available in custom sizes to suit any project.

If you would like a quote for our gilded glass or have any questions regarding our gilded mirror glass then please contact us using the button below.


Gilded Mirror Glass Design Nº22 with white backing - Hallway feature wall mirror.

Gilded Mirror Glass Design Nº16 - Large wall mirror installed at Infinity Fine Jewellers.

Gilded Mirror Glass Design Nº16 - Small mirror installed at Infinity Fine Jewellers.

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