Limewash Finishes

Limewash paints work differently, they are made with with clay, minerals and beautiful natural pigments. It is applied in thin layers by hand that dries on your wall by taking in carbon dioxide from the air, just as plants do.

Our Limewash colour guide is designed to make the process of selecting a colour for your project that little bit easier. We use Bauwerk Colour lime wash paint for our projects and the guide below helps you narrow down your selection and order sample colour cards or sample pots from the Bauwerk Colour website.

Limewash Colours

Samples can be ordered directly from Bauwerk Colour, to order a sample select a colour below and you will be taken to that specfic colour family to choose your shade and place your order.













Common Questions

It can be difficult to provide an exact price list for the lime wash painting of a feature wall or whole room as there are many factors that affect the price. Size is an obvious factor however the current condition of the walls is a big factor too, has the room been freshly plastered or are the walls in bad condition?

To give an example: a freshly plastered wall measuring 2.5m x 5m would require 2 litres of lime wash as well as a coat of primer prior. A project this size would take around 6 hours to complete and would cost around £350+VAT inc the cost of the lime wash, primer and other materials.

For an accurate quote for your project please get in touch.

Most limewash projects can be completed within a day for a single feature wall or small room. Larger projects of multiple feature walls or large rooms can take up to 2 days.

We come to your home or site, lay sheets to protect the floor and tape off any areas not to be painted. We then prepare and prime the wall ready for the Limewash to be applied. 2 coats of the Limewash is then applied by hand to your walls or ceiling.

How To Get Your Quote

To request a bespoke Feature Wall quote, simply contact us using the Contact Form below. Please provide a brief description of your project, we will then contact you to request photos of your project and for some further details. In some instances it may be preferable for us to come to your home or site to look at and discuss the project further.