Paint Colour Guide

Our colour guide is designed to make the process of selecting a colour for your project that little bit easier. We use Benjamin Moore paint for our work and the guide below helps you narrow down you colour selection and order samples from the Benjamin Moore website.

Benjamin Moore® Colour Samples allow you to "try on" a paint colour before you commit to a colour. Interior designers and professional painters do a "brush out", this involves applying paint to a small section of the kitchen to see how the colour looks in the actual environment. By sampling a colour at home, you'll get the most accurate sense of how the colour will actually look in the room. You can test a number of different colours at a time. You can also paint smaller test swatches to see how a particular colour will look under various lighting conditions.



Samples can be ordered directly from Benjamin Moore, to order a sample select a colour below and you will be taken to that specfic colour family to choose your shade and place your order.














The Benjamin Moore Favourites Palette is a collection of 75 of their best-loved paint colours. Curated by their colour experts to jump-start the colour selection process, this palette of enduringly popular shades ranges from versatile neutrals to dramatic deeps. Suitable to both kitchen and furniutre painting projects, these colours are known for their dependability and timelessness.

The 75 colours from the Benjamin Moore Favourites palette are available in either a colour sample pot as well as their new Peel-and-Stick samples. These 25cm by 30cm colour amples allow you to easily observe colours in different lighting conditions throughout your home.



Have a specfic colour in mind? We can colour match fabrics, wall coverings and decorative accessories with over 90% accuracy to Benjamin Moore's 3,500+ colours using the Benjamin Moore colour reading device and app. Using the device eliminates the guesswork when trying to match a specfic colour and will enable you to easily match your paint colours to other materials, making it easier for you to create a coordinated scheme.

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