About Us

A small family business based in Brixworth, UK.

Our Story So Far

Welcome to Revival Décor, we are a small family run specialist decoration company based in the village of Brixworth, Northamptonshire. We provide our services to private & trade clients with a mission to bring high-quality specialist décor to their homes.

How It All Began

Revival was founded in 2017 by me, Daniel. I began my career as a painter way back in 2006 with my father working on projects around Northamptonshire. After spending a number of years painting, with a bit of travelling to Asia, Australia and Canada in-between, I decided to create my own business and Revival was born. Never wanting to create any old painting company, I began experimenting with different finishes, including lime wash, and looked to expand my skill set by attending specialist decoration courses around the UK including Jo Poulton's Professional Paint School in London where she taught me how to gild using gold and metal leaf.

Throughout 2019 & early 2020 I continued to practice the art of gilding and created my own set of samples for gilded wood & feature wall finishes. I also purchased the book 'Gold Leaf Paint & Glass', and ventured into glass gilding, or verre églomisé as it's also known. Having spent many evenings practicing glass gilding and experimenting with ageing techniques, the first set of gilded glass samples were created. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit...

Gilding School

Back in 2019 at Jo Poulton's Professional Painting School in London.

2020 & 2021: The Pandemic Years!

In March 2020 the pandemic hit the UK, Revival closed for a short period and my Wife Haley's business was shut down for the rest of the year. This left us with plenty of time on our hands and I began teaching Haley how to gild, she was a natural! Together we continued to experiment with gilding and understanding what we could produce. Eventually I could go back to work on the painting side of the business whilst Haley continued to practice her gilding. She began experimenting with gilding old picture frames, creating wonderful designs, and then making pieces of gilded glass to set in the frames and our first Ornate Gilded Glass Mirrors were created!

Going into 2021, Revival was becoming busier with our painting services and my youngest brother Will joined the business full-time. Haley continued to create designs for wood projects and feature walls whilst also making one-off pieces of decor. We decide to build a workshop in our garden so we could work from home and since then we have completed a number of hand-painted kitchens and furniture projects, gilding projects, as well as continuing to create more Ornate Gilded Glass Mirrors.

Gilding An Ornate Frame

Haley gilding her first frame to make a bespoke mirror which was eventually sold to a hotel owner in Devon.

2022 & Beyond...

Having sold a a few of our mirrors on Etsy, we decided to build a Gilded Glass Shop as part of the business to run along side our Services business and are always in the process of coming up with new ideas and creating new products. During 2022 we continued to make more mirrors as well as our first set of Gilded Glass Splashback designs which are now available in the shop.

We continue to offer our Services including hand-painted kitchens & furniture and bespoke paint effect feature walls to private and trade clients. We are also looking to adding additional services in 2023 including metallic paint finishes, high gloss water-based lacquer finishes & real metal finishes. All of these can be applied to wood & walls for amazing results.

As Revival continues to grow we will also continue to create more gilded glass pieces for our online shop using our specialist techniques to provide our customers in the UK & across the world with unique décor that can be kept for a lifetime. As a small business, we appreciate all the support from our past & present customers, social media followers and everyone that has helped to get Revival to where it is today.

Daniel & Haley

Owners of Revival Décor

If you would like to speak to us regarding a project you may require our help on or a piece of décor we have created then please feel free to contact us using the form below.