Painted Finishes

Our Painted Finishes guide is designed to make the process of selecting a colour for your project that little bit easier. We use Benjamin Moore paint for our work and the guide below helps you narrow down you colour selection and order samples from the Benjamin Moore website.

Benjamin Moore® Colour Samples allow you to "try on" a paint colour before you commit to a colour. Interior designers and professional painters do a "brush out", this involves applying paint to a small section of your project to see how the colour looks in the actual environment. By sampling a colour at home, you'll get the most accurate sense of how the colour will actually look in the room. You can test a number of different colours at a time. You can also paint smaller test swatches to see how a particular colour will look under various lighting conditions.

Paint Colours

Samples can be ordered directly from Benjamin Moore, to order a sample select a colour below and you will be taken to that specfic colour family to choose your shade and place your order.













Common Questions

It can be difficult to provide an exact price list for the painting of kitchens and furniture as there are many factors that can affect the price. The current condition of the piece is a big factor, is it new or older? Is it bare wood or previously painted?

To give an example: a brand new kitchen that is already primed would begin at £70+VAT per door however an existing bare kitchen that would need cleaning and priming would begin at £100+VAT per door.

For an accurate quote for your project please get in touch.

We aim to turnaround your kitchen or furniture project within one week. For larger kitchen or multiple pieces of furniture this may take up to 2 weeks.

Most of the work is completed off-site in our workshop. For kitchens we remove the doors on day one and begin painting the carcass in-situ, the doors are then completed in our workshop and reattached once completed. For furniture we come and collect your piece, refinish it in our workshop and return it once completed.

How To Get Your Quote

If you're thinking of using us to have your kitchen cupboards painted, your dining table re-stained or even a picture frame gilded then our process is simple. Using the Contact Form below please provide a brief description of your project, we will then contact you to request photos of your projected some further details. Once received we aim to get your quote to you within 24 hours.