Gimcyn Finishes

Introducing the Gimcyn collection: a diverse range of textured wood & wall paints designed to elevate interiors with shimmer and sophistication. Gimcyn, with its pearl-infused texture, delivers a soft, radiant glow to accent walls, offering an effortless application with results that can be tailored based on technique and tools. Gimcyn Chroma, our advanced metallic iteration, merges an aluminum base with pearly fragments, presenting a finish that both captures light and demands attention. For those yearning for a vivid metallic shine, Chroma stands unrivaled. Meanwhile, Gimcyn Luxury showcases a dazzling iridescence, allowing for a multitude of finishes, from a mere hint of shimmer to a deep 3D effect. Both the Chroma and Luxury lines provide durable, repair-friendly alternatives to traditional wallpapers, panels, and cladding. Whether for residential coziness or commercial elegance, the Gimcyn collection promises unparalleled luxury and resilience.

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