Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Duston, Northampton

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Duston, Northampton

The Project: Painting Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets 

We were contacted by a carpenter in Duston, Northampton who had just finished an extension to the rear of his home, we were asked to hand paint his new kitchen which he had built himself from scratch in his home workshop. The kitchen had previously been painted however the client was not happy with the finish and requested our help. As you can see from the pictures, the kitchen is wonderfully designed and made however the finish when we first saw it really let it down. The issue was a combination of the paint used and the time taken by the previous painter, to get a perfect finish you must use high quality paint and not rush the job!

Hand Painted kitchen Benjamin Moore Flint

The Preparation: Stripping The Old Finish & Priming

We began the project by removing all the doors and drawer fronts and took these back to our workshop. We always complete the doors off-site mainly to minimise the amount of disruption in our clients home but also to be able to work on the doors whilst they are horizontal which helps the paint dry flat, and to work under the bright led lights of our workshop which helps us get that perfect finish.
We began by sanding off the existing finish on all the doors and drawer fronts and then began priming all them using Benjamin Moore Stix Primer. This is by far the best primer we have ever used and gives good adhesion to the wood which provides a great base for the top coats to be applied. 
Whilst the doors and drawer fronts were being prepped and primed in the workshop the on-site team were also doing the same work to the kitchen frame in-situ.

reclaimed wood kitchen island Oslo oil

The Painting: Application of Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in Flint

Once the doors and frame has been stripped, primed and sanded we then begin the application of the top coats, in this case Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in the colour Flint. Benjamin Moore Advance Satin is a water-based paint highly regarded for its long-lasting durability, making it an ideal choice for a busy kitchen environment. This paint is formulated with an innovative blend of proprietary ingredients that enable it to self-level, thus providing a smooth and even finish akin to a spray finish. What sets this paint apart is the fusion of durable resilience along with a beautiful finish. After 2 coats of the top coat the doors were ready to be wrapped, delivered and re-fitted.

hand painted kitchen Northampton

The Finished Project: A Beautiful Hand-Painted Kitchen in Duston, Northampton

Our approach to painting kitchen cabinets is about more than just adding colour - it's a carefully conducted process that enhances the individuality and elegance of each kitchen. With every brushstroke, our skilled team accentuates the artisanal quality of the handcrafted cabinets, ensuring a finish that's as beautiful as it is durable.

Duston Sign Northampton

The Location: Duston, Northampton – A Community of Artistry and Elegance

Duston, a delightful area in Northampton, is a wonderful setting for our project. The close-knit community, rich history, and contemporary lifestyle form a vibrant backdrop for this expertly crafted kitchen. Here, the blend of the homeowner's carpentry skills and our meticulous painting techniques has resulted in a kitchen space that's as unique as it is functional.
In a way that mirrors the juxtaposition of the modern Flint-coloured cabinets against the rustic beauty of Duston, our work showcases the enriching effect of expertly applied, hand-painted finishes in kitchen design.

At Revival, we're passionate about enhancing the artistry of handcrafted kitchens with our skilful paintwork. We take pride in bringing this vision to life in this stunning kitchen in Duston, Northampton. If you're interested in adding a similar touch of elegance to your kitchen, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation on hand-painted kitchen cabinets in Northampton.

If you would like a quote to have your kitchen hand painted then please contact Daniel on 07711208033 or via email to

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