Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Hargrave, Northamptonshire

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Hargrave, Northamptonshire

The Project: Hand Painting Kitchen Cabinets for Bells of Northampton

We have been painting kitchen cabinets for Bells of Northampton since 2019 and have painted many kitchens for them including a few of the kitchens in their showroom in Kingsthorpe . We were requested by the Bells team to paint a a kitchen they had recently installed in the beautiful village of Hargrave in Northamptonshire. All of Bells kitchens are solid wood and are primed before fitting therefore our job on projects like this is to fill the joins in the cabinetry and apply the final colour which was two Little Greene colours, Portland Stone and Sage Green.

kitchen cabinet painting Hargrove Northamptonshire



The Preparation: Dustless Sanding & Filling The Joints

All of Bells kitchens are primed in the factory prior to installation therefore once we have masked up and laid protection on the floor we can remove the doors and begin sanding. We sand the primed finish with a fine sandpaper to de-nib any imperfections and give a good base for the final coats of paint. All the doors are taken back to our workshop to be sanded and painted in order minimise the disruption on site. Once everything is sanded we begin to caulk in all the joints in the cabinetry along with the cornice to make the kitchen look seamless. A seamless kitchen can only be achieved when the final coats of paint are applied in-situ after it has been installed.

kitchen cupboard painting Hargrave Northamptonshire

The Painting: Little Greene Portland Stone & Sage Greene

Whilst we usually use Benjamin Moore paints to hand paint our kitchen cabinet projects, sometimes customers request a specific paint they would like us to use. On this occasion the customer requested that we use Little Greene which we have used in the past before. Little Greene cabinet paint is great to use and leaves a wonderful finish and we were happy to work with the paint on this project. The Sage Green used for the island had great coverage and after two coats the finish was complete. The Portland Stone colour however was not as opaque as the Sage Green and needed an additional coat which can happen with lighter colours. After three coats though we were done and the doors were ready to be re-fitted.

Little Greene Sage Green Kitchen Island

The Finished Project: A Wonderful Bespoke Kitchen in Hargrave, Northamptonshire

We love working with Bells as their kitchens are well made and installed with care and attention. A well designed kitchen can really transform a space and the Bells Kitchen Design Team really did a great job with this project. The colours chosen by the client worked really well and having a contrasting island always makes the island stand out!

Hargrove Northamptonshire

The Location: The Charming Village of Hargrave

Nestled amidst the lush, undulating landscapes of Northamptonshire, Hargrave offers a tranquil retreat into traditional English countryside living. This charming village, adorned with quaint thatched cottages and a medley of historic landmarks, serves as an oasis of calm and community spirit. At the heart of Hargrave, the village church stands as a testament to the area's rich history, often attracting both locals and visitors for moments of reflection and unity. Residents can often be found frequenting the local pub, an establishment renowned for its warm hospitality and authentic English fare. Surrounding the village are scenic walking trails and open fields, ideal for nature enthusiasts or anyone seeking a momentary escape from the pressures of modern life. Hargrave embodies the quintessential characteristics of rural Northamptonshire, making it a much-treasured spot for those who experience its timeless beauty.

At Revival, we're passionate about enhancing the finish of handcrafted kitchens with our hand finished paintwork. We take pride in bringing our clients vision to life. If you're interested in adding a similar touch of elegance to your kitchen cabinets, don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your kitchen project.

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